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Welcome to the website of the former Government Prices Oversight Commission.


On 1 June 2010 the functions of the Government Prices Oversight Commission were vested with the Tasmanian Economic Regulator under the Economic Regulator Act 2009

Information relating to competitive neutrality, pricing investigations, urban water reviews and petrol price monitoring undertaken by GPOC prior to 1 June 2010 is stored on this website as are the Commission’s annual reports.

Information relating to activities that were previously undertaken by GPOC, post 1 June 2010 will be included on the Tasmanian Economic Regulator website

About the Commission

The Government Prices Oversight Commission was established under the Tasmanian Government Prices Oversight Act 1995, which commenced on 1 January 1996.

The Commission was an independent body with responsibility for conducting investigations into the pricing policies and practices of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), Government Agencies and Local Government Bodies that are monopoly, or near monopoly, suppliers of goods and services in Tasmania.

The Government Prices Oversight Commission was set up according to National Competition Policy principles which require that a prices oversight advisory body should:
  • address all significant GBEs which are monopoly suppliers of goods or services and be independent of the GBE being assessed;
  • be focused on achieving efficient resource allocation, while having regard to any community service obligations imposed by Government;
  • permit submissions by interested persons; and
  • publish its pricing recommendations and the reasons for them.

The Commission also:
  • undertook inquiries at the request of the Government into matters relating to or affecting the pricing policies of certain Government agencies, Government business enterprises, local government bodies, statutory authorities and state-owned companies, whether or not they are monopoly or near monopoly providers of services and goods, under Part 4A of the Act; and
  • investigated complaints about Government bodies that compete with the private sector and conducts other reviews as required by Government under Part 4B of the Act.

The functions of the Commission were vested with the Tasmanian Economic Regulator under the Economic Regulator Act 2009 on 1 June 2010.

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